What is the Difference between Net Curtains and Voiles

We often get customers ask us what the difference is between these two types of fabric as sometimes there can be quite a difference in price.

Please Watch this video below Which hopefully helps clearly explain it:

As a rule, Voile curtains have a significantly higher thread count per inch of fabric than a net. An example of this is our Eva Net curtain and Macey Plain White Voile. The Macey has 4 times the threads than the Eva. This is shown in the pictures below.

Difference in thread count between net curatins and voiles

Here is a close up image of our macey Voile:


  • This shows the quantity and density of the threads in our macey voile. This fabric is the base fabric for most of our voile embroidery designs.
  • Voiles are made from a weaving process.
  • Most voile's are made with a much finer thread leading to a silkier fabric with a more fluidic movment.
  • Voiles are the fabric of choice when wanting to add embroidery

Here is a close up of our Eva Net Curtain

Eva Net Curtains

  • This shows the same size piece of fabric but cut from our Eva Net. The make up of nets can vary drastically depending on the pattern.
  • Nets are made from a Knitting process.
  • The threads used in the knitting process are thicker.
  • Nets tend to be a stiffer fabric compared to voile's.

Voiles (A) & Muslin fabrics (C)

voiles vs muslin

We get asked alot, what is a Muslin voile? A Muslin voile shares all the same traites as a regular voile, they are still weaved and have a higher thread count than a net. Muslin is made with a slightly thicker thread offering alot more privacy than a standard voile. Muslins are a good choice is you are looking for the feel an flexability of a voile but something that offers more privacy.

The image below shows the comparison between a Macey Plain White Voile on the left and our Kylie Muslin on the right.