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Floral Magnetic Tie Backs

Available in 6 colours

Strong Magnetic hold

Sold in packs of two.

Can be used for curtains, panels and voiles

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Red In Stock £13.83 £9.88
Black Out of Stock £13.83 £9.88
Orange In Stock £13.83 £9.88
Cream In Stock £13.83 £9.88
Silver In Stock £13.83 £9.88
Green In Stock £13.83 £9.88
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Floral Magnetic Tie Backs
Product Description

The Flower shaped Magnetic Tie backs are a beautiful way of complimenting any curtains, panels or voiles. Available in 6 different colours with a silver coloured body.

Can be used to make tie blinds, tab tops or even as a tablecloth or napkin holder.

Floral Magnetic Tie Backs - Available in Cream, Black, Silver, Teal, Red & Black

Please note, samples of these are not available.

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